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Comment from subscriber: " Damn, I love these French guys - so nonchalant, hot as fuck and none of the "acting" that the American and Japanese boys "try" to do in similar vids. And those uncut Euro Weiners I could run my tongue inside that foreskin and suck forever. Formidable! "

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The site will only give you real french models, undressed by us for you. Guys we contacted on the street and asked to pose nude for you. All those guys you can watch here.

The Backroom is one example : str8 guys letting us film them, they let themselves be touched, undressed, caressed, wanked off. Never seen before on the french net.

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How works the website: Each month, a new model filmed by us is avaible during 4 weeks. The model video is cuted in 4 parts (4 extracts) and each week, a new extract replace the oldest and the oldest is removed from the website. Only the newest is avaible. When the month is gone, the model is no more avaible on the website during 4 to 6 months and after this time, the full video of the model is avaible in the "archives" area.

Why this system? Its' because we want to show you more of the new fresh model so video takes from 5 to 10 mns per extract for more details and when it is "stored", the video has less details. It makes you more fan of our website ;)

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